2021 Ford Explorer Problems and Top Complaints - Is Your Car A Lemon? (2023)

CategoryEngine, Power TrainDateMar 13, 2023StateCTDescription

At 13,000 miles this new vehicle started smoking blue gray smoke on startup I have videos. Yes the dealer reproduced the problem. The dealer stated that both turbos were defective and leaking oil into the hot exhaust on both sides of the engine which could have lead to a fire and endangered our lives. The dealer removed the engine and transmission from the vehicle in the process broke numerous bolts and repaired with inferior quality parts. After four attempts to pick up the car hoses were left loose and short on antifreeze and turbo boost hose fell off,now there is a antifreeze burning smell and a rough idle. There were no warning lights or messages. This car was meticulously maintained since brand new I have all records to back up . Ford corporate has just denied a buy back request and said I don't qualify for state lemon law after 2 months at dealer.

CategoryEngineDateMar 07, 2023StateCADescription

Defective starter - car will not start, battery, alternator check off ok.

CategoryBack Over Prevention: Rearview System BrakingDateMar 06, 2023StateGADescription

The rear camera has not worked since the vehicle was purchased in spring of 2021. It has now been "repaired" 3 times based on open recalls. However the issue is a known issue and can not be fixed. We have now been told they will. Nees to replace the camera which is on indefinite backorder. This is a huge vehicle safety issue ford is aware of and yet not one of their alleged recalls actually resolves this serious issue.

CategoryPower TrainDateMar 04, 2023StateTNDescription

The transmission hesitates for several seconds and shifts hard when being shifted into reverse. The dealership has made one repair attempt already.

CategoryService BrakesDateFeb 24, 2023StateINDescription

Loud popping metal sound from rear brakes as vehicle starts to move ford has been contacted and replaced rear brake pads which made no difference. This problem started last august after safety recall 22s27 below is a link to videos with sound which clearly describe my safety concern https://www. Dropbox. Com/sh/a3iawirsizbc6iq/aaa3dgacvz9jcoufufkllmgua? Dl=0

CategoryEquipment:electrical:navigational System(global Positioning System), Unknown Or OtherDateFeb 17, 2023StatePADescription

Issue with navigation system. Many times is shows no gps. Navigation does not always recognize current vehicle position and many times navigation does not even work. On many occasions, upon starting the vehicle, the clock does not even work when the navigation system isn't being used. This is a safety issue when we are traveling out of town. We are not fans of using our phones for navigation as an alternative to the faulty vehicle onboard navigation. This first started happening december 2022.

CategoryForward Collision Avoidance: Adaptive Cruise Control, Vehicle Speed ControlDateFeb 16, 2023StateVADescription

While using intelligent adaptive cruise, the vehicle suddenly thought the speed limit was 85mph and quickly started accelerating. Confused, I hit the brakes to stop the acceleration. I have uploaded a photo of the dash that I took showing that the system read the speed limit sign as 85. I saw no speed limit sign in the area, so, I have no idea what prompted the system to change speed. I was talking on the phone via android auto and using waze, via android auto, usb direct connect. The only other problem I've ever had with this system is on interstates that have specific truck speed limits in west virginia. There, sometimes trucks have slower speeds and this system picks up those truck speeds and decelerates/brakes to comply. While it can be overridden in the moment, the next time it sees such sign, it slows again. This sudden deceleration poses a hazard to other drivers who do not expect a 'non-truck' vehicle to suddenly slow.

CategoryPower Train, SuspensionDateFeb 16, 2023StateVADescription

Vehicle developed a clicking noise when accelerating/decelerating. Noise also present when switching between drive/reverse. Ford dealer found that driveline was flexing. Closer inspection revealed that the bushing for the single bolt rear subframe mounting to rear differential was broken. Had this not been caught, the bolt would have broken releasing the rear driveline from the structure of the vehicle. The 2020 ford explorer st had two bolts that connected the rear diff to the rear subframe. In 2021-2022 ford changed this to a one bolt design. This triggered the current recall for the 2021-2022 in which the 'fix' was to apply the emergency brake if the bolt broke. On the 2023 ford explorer st model, ford has returned to the two bolt design used in 2020. Photos uploaded.

CategoryFuel System, Gasoline:delivery:hoses, Lines/piping, And FittingsDateFeb 14, 2023StateILDescription

The contact owns a 2021 ford explorer. The contact stated while driving 10 mph, there was a strong gasoline odor inside the cabin of the vehicle. Additionally, the contact stated while the vehicle was parked in the garage, there was a strong gasoline odor coming from the vehicle. The contact stated that the gasoline odor was present throughout the entire three-story residence. There was no warning light illuminated. The vehicle was taken to the dealer where it was diagnosed that the fuel line was leaking from a hole. The fuel line was replaced, and the diagnostic fault codes were cleared. The contact stated that upon reviewing photographs of the fuel line, he noticed that an unknown component had been rubbing against the fuel line, which caused the failure; however, the dealer did not inform him of the cause of the failure. The manufacturer was notified of the failure, but no assistance was provided. The failure mileage was approximately 41,000.

CategoryBack Over Prevention: Sensing System: CameraDateJan 17, 2023StateFLDescription

Back-up camera starts turning blue. Verified that there was an issue during manufacturing that they left a hole open and can cause malfunctioning of the back up camera causing the blue screen. Unable to spot blind spots when backing up and can put others safety in danger if behind vehicle especially children and I am not able to see them when reversing.

CategoryPower Train:automatic Transmission, Structure:body:hatchback/liftgateDateJan 12, 2023StateCADescription

The contact owns a 2021 ford explorer hybrid. The contact stated that while driving at various speeds, the electronic "lift gate ajar" warning was activated; however, the liftgate was not open. The vehicle was taken to the local dealer who adjusted the liftgate striker, and the failure was remedied; however, the failure reoccurred. Additionally, while driving at speeds between 5 - 20 mph, the vehicle started jerking and vibrating with the rpm's extremely elevated. The vehicle was taken to the local dealer, but the cause of the failure was not identified. The dealer indicated that the jerking and vibration were normal for a hybrid vehicle. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The failure mileage was 22,000.

CategoryEngine, Vehicle Speed ControlDateJan 10, 2023StateMDDescription

On or about 9 am on tuesday, january 10, 2023, I entered a parking garage facility and drove up the ramp and continued on a level parking area and begin to turn into a parking space beside a large cement column. Just as I entered the parking space at a low rate of speed without my foot on the accelerator, I experienced sudden unintended acceleration which caused the vehicle to narrowly miss the cement column and the front cement wall of the parking space. Fortunately, I quickly braked to avoid a collision and then put the vehicle in park and shut off the vehicle. There were no warning lights on the vehicle dash, and I have not yet taken the vehicle to an authorized ford dealer to have it checked. Vehicle is still under factory order and has approx. 26,700 miles.

CategoryParking Brake:electricalDateDec 27, 2022StateGADescription

The contact owns a 2021 ford explorer. The contact stated that he recently had a manufacturer recall performed on the vehicle for ford customer satisfaction program number 22n06 (rear axle bolt replacement). The contact stated that the dealer re-programed the e-brake to engage automatically when the vehicle was placed in park(p). The contact stated while reversing out of his driveway the vehicle would not move. The contact had been instructed to tap on the accelerator to release the e-brake. The contact stated that the rpm was raised to approximately 2,000 rpm, and only then would the high rpm release the e-brake; however, the vehicle would lurch into motion at approximately 10 mph. The contact stated that the e-brake warning light was illuminated and then switched off once the e-brake was disengaged. The contact stated that the failure was more pronounced while reversing on a slope. The contact stated that the failure recurred while placing the vehicle in drive(d) however, the vehicle lurched and jumped forward. The contact stated that the motion was not as aggressive as while the vehicle was in reverse(r). The contact had taken the vehicle back to the local dealer where it had been reprogrammed. The contact was advised that all that could be done was to reprogram the e-brake. The vehicle had not been repaired. The manufacturer had been informed of the failure. The failure mileage was approximately 23,000.

CategoryVisibility/wiperDateNov 27, 2022StateFLDescription

Backup camera “blue screens” during critical times it is required. Software updates were updated but no resolution until ford replaced the backup camera.

CategoryPower TrainDateNov 09, 2022StateVADescription

Rear subframe bolt bushing broke. (see existing recall for the rear subframe bolt breaking). This vehicle had recall performed which actually didn't address the engineering shortfall from ford using the wrong, lighter duty, subframe on the st model. This subframe only has one bolt holding the rear diff to the subframe. The 2020 model had two bolts, as do all my of the lincoln aviator. While ford is fixing this under warranty, using the same subframe will not fix this issue. Result will be that the bolt may break or the bushing may fail. A broken bolt will result in the drive shaft disconnecting while driving, loss of acceleration, potential wreck from drive shaft hitting ground at speed.

CategoryPower TrainDateOct 27, 2022StateINDescription

Numerous times no response when pushing gas pedal no acceleration when vehicle is in electric and switching to gas. This a hybrid vehicle. I can't let my wife drive it. No warning lights come on. The recall for rear end states if the bolt fails the drive shaft and rear axles could move out of alignment and cause an accident ..... Yet they refuse to replace it.

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CategoryEngineDateOct 24, 2022StateTXDescription

When driving at lower speeds, typically under 30 mph, the vehicle jerks & lurches. Also sometimes lurches, hesitates or doesn't react on rapid acceleration such as highway merging or passing. Have had many near-misses. Parking, reverse & drive do not always engage immediately upon shifting. I nearly ran over my husband when the car was supposed to be in park and it was still in drive. Car will become extremely hot after extended driving causing the a/c to automatically turn to hot air in order to cool the engine. It smells bad and is not at all comfortable on long summer road trips.

CategoryVisibility:windshield Wiper/washerDateSep 27, 2022StateMNDescription

The contact owns a 2021 ford explorer. The contact stated while it was raining, the windshield wipers were activated but failed to clear the windshield as needed. The vehicle was taken to the dealer and the wipers were replaced, but the failure continued. The vehicle was taken to the dealer and the windshield arm were replaced, but the failure reoccurred. The vehicle was taken back to the dealer and the contact was informed that the vehicle operated as designed. The manufacturer was notified of the failure but offered no assistance. The failure mileage was 5,000. The vin was not available.

CategoryEngineDateSep 26, 2022StateOHDescription

Vehicle began smoking after a cold start at around 9000 miles. Dealer confirmed the issue was happening and the engine was replaced, but the smoking problem remains. No warning lamps, indicators, or dtcs have been thrown to help in diagnostic. Thus far, there has been no safety impact due to the issue.

CategoryPower TrainDateSep 23, 2022StateUTDescription

My explorer st has the issue of having the incorrect rear subframe for the high-performance engine with only one bolt holding the differential to the rear subframe. I have talked to all of the ford dealerships in my area. They said that this is a problem, but ford has not provided a solution or any timeframe to fix this major issue. Another example of ford not caring about their customers and putting profits ahead of safety. Why did they think that they could get away with installing incorrect parts for the four-cylinder engine on a vehicle that develops substantially higher hp and torque. This is my first and last ford product I will ever buy. Why doesn't the nhtsa force ford to fix this potentially dangerous issue.

CategoryPower Train, SuspensionDateSep 19, 2022StateALDescription

Ford has started a recall for vehicles with a single bolt in the rear differential mount. This is in reference to the roll away issue as their calling it. Some people have recieved notice for this and others have not. My production date is listed as 8/21. Which I believe is in part of the recall. Even if not this vehicle has only one bolt in the unit and not 2. Which is part of the recall issue.

CategoryUnknown Or Other, Visibility/wiperDateSep 11, 2022StateMDDescription

Two issues. 1. After the software update that was supposed to fix the rear camera blue screen issue, it randomly shows a blue screen instead of the camera image when reversing. The issue doesn't correct until the vehicle is turned completely off and restarted. 2. The rear hatch randomly closes when getting items out or putting items in the cargo area. It cracks you on the head and does not stop. If you can't get out from under it in time you fall to the ground. More than once it has made me see stars it struck my head so hard. Also sometimes when walking away from the vehicle the hatch will open on its own with no one near it. The dealer tried once to reproduce the issue but didn't happen while they had it.

CategoryPower Train, Service BrakesDateSep 06, 2022StateKYDescription

The contact owns a 2021 ford explorer. The contact stated that he had received a recall notification for nhtsa campaign number: 22v255000 (power train). During a routine maintenance check, the recall was serviced; however, upon return of the vehicle, the brake pedal was depressed to the floorboard with the parking brake fault, uphill assist, and abs warning lights illuminated. The contact also stated that while driving at various speeds, the brake pedal hardened and the vehicle failed to stop as needed. The contact's wife called the dealer and was informed that there were 5 other vehicles that had experienced the same failure. The contact attempted to reach the manufacturer but was unsuccessful. The vehicle was not repaired. The failure mileage was approximately 37,000.

CategoryPower TrainDateAug 27, 2022StateNJDescription

I recently had the recall addressed at my local ford dealer, performance ford in randolph, nj. Ford is only allowing dealerships to reprogram the parking break to engage whenever the vehicle is placed in park. If the axle bolt were to shear, it would disengage, allowing the vehicle to roll in park. This remedy does not adequately address the underlying issue- which was the fact that ford's chicago mfg facility used a part designed for the 4-cyl engine power train, not the 4 bolt design required in the police interceptor and explorer st versions. The police version will be getting the parts upgraded while consumers are left with a band-aid solution. Nhtsa should force ford to address the issue- which is an inadequate bolt configuration for the hp/torque output of performance version explorers. This is a safety hazard as the bolt can snap while in use, disconnecting the drive axle from the rear differential.

CategoryPower TrainDateAug 27, 2022StateNYDescription

My 2021 ford explorer should be included in safety recall nhtsa 22v255, ford recall 22s27, ford program 22n06 my vehicle[xxx] was built in september 2021. Ford identified to nhtsa that explorer vehicles built between june 4 2020 to november 10, 2021 were affected. My vehicle was built during that period. My vehicle has the v6 engine with awd powertrain. My vehicle has the 52t trailer towing package. Trailer towing will put additional load on the powertrain and the rear axle mounting bolt. The bolt may fracture while towing the trailer leading to a serious injury and personal property damages. I have not received the recall letter from ford. All letters were supposed to be sent by june 2022. Ford will not include my vehicle in the recall at my request. Ford will not apply the pcm update to automatically engage the electronic parking brake every time the vehicle is shifted into park (p). Ford will not provide the one-time repair of the for 10 years or 150,000 miles. I'm concerned the vehicle may experience the rear axle mounting bolt fracture. Please help. Thank you. -------------------------------------- safety recall 22s27 / nhtsa recall 22v255 / customer satisfaction program 22n06 certain 2020-2022 model year explorer vehicles rear axle bolt fractures reason for this safety recall in some of the affected vehicles, the rear axle mounting bolt may fracture during vehicle acceleration. A fractured rear axle bolt will allow the rear axle housing to move out of position, resulting in severe noise and vibration. If the rear axle bolt breaks, the driveshaft/half shafts may become disconnected, resulting in loss of transmission torque to the rear wheels which is necessary to hold the vehicle in park. If the parking brake is not applied, the loss of the primary park torque will allow the vehicle to roll in park increasing the risk of crash and injury. --------------------- information redacted pursuant to the freedom of information act (foia), 5 u. S. C. 552(b)(6).

CategoryPower TrainDateAug 25, 2022StateMSDescription

Our 2021 ford explorer limited was purchased in december of 2020. It currently has been driven only 6,900 miles. Our apparent transmission problem has occurred three times so far. 1. On 27 june 2022, I experienced the first problem. While turning left on to a four-lane city street, which is largely flat in that area, a loud grinding/ringing sound occurred. Right in the middle of the four-lane street, the transmission dropped into neutral. It scared the crap out of us. We could have been hit by oncoming traffic. I brought it to a stop, then shifted to park and then into drive. We drove away normally as if nothing happened. 2. On 28 july 2022, after having the "bolt failure" recall completed (22s27/22v255/22n06), the transmission again made the loud grinding/ringing sound immediately after accelerating from stopping at a city street intersection. The road grade has a slight incline in the direction we were traveling. The vehicle dropped into neutral, then the newly programmed "auto braking" brought us to an abrupt stop in the middle of this intersection! Again, a scary situation. 3. Today, 25 august 2022, while backing out of our garage today, which has a slight downward driveway, the vehicle did an abrupt stop while halfway out of the garage. The message was "hill start assist warning." the message on my phone was "the hill start assist system has detected a failure." this is the first and only time that this problem has happened. I think it is related to the problems mentioned above. It is a good thing I was not backing out into a busy street.

CategoryUnknown Or OtherDateAug 05, 2022StateTNDescription

Backup and front cameras are not working consistently. Blue screen shows on display screen. Cannot reproduce at the ford dealer. Blue screen camera issue started on june 13, 2022. Since then I have had 27 instances to date. There currently is a recall for this same problem on other ford explorer's.

CategorySeatsDateAug 03, 2022StateCADescription

The contact owns a 2021 ford explorer. The contact stated that while driving at an undisclosed speed, the driver's and passenger's side rear seats inadvertently moved forward while his children were seated in the seats. The contact was concerned about the safety of his children while riding in the vehicle. The vehicle was taken to the dealer; however, the dealer was unable to duplicate the failure. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure and a case was opened. The failure mileage was approximately 14,700.

CategoryPower TrainDateJul 16, 2022StateCODescription

The car is struggling to switch gear and loosing power. While I am driving

CategoryStructure:frame And MembersDateJul 11, 2022StateDCDescription

2021 ford explorer. Consumer writes in regard to issue with the rear subframe. The consumer stated the vehicle was manufactured with an incorrect subrame. The consumer believed the single bolts will eventually break due to stress. The vehicle had a recall to reprogram the pcm to automatically apply the parking break. The consumer was concerned the recall would not stop the vehicle from rolling away.

CategoryEngine, Fuel/propulsion SystemDateJun 23, 2022StateNYDescription

Gear(transmission), when put in reverse the car goes forward instead of reverse, and jerks in reverse after 7-15 sec. And it also jerks while accelerating.

CategoryBack Over Prevention: Rearview System Braking, Back Over Prevention: Warnings, Lane Departure: AssistDateJun 22, 2022StateTXDescription

All of the sensors are out. Nothing is working. They were working fine then one day I noticed the lane keeping sensors were not working. Today I noticed the side sensors are not working which they were this morning. The middle row seat gets stuck if moved forward, it will not stay back. The button is always stuck so while on the road the seat randomly pops out of place. The wipers do not work properly, only on high speed. I have already called mccombs ford west in san antonio, tx as I purchased the vehicle there in october of 2021 but they are not worried about it. They said I can go drop it off but they will check it when they get a chance and will not provide a loan car which I cannot do that as I have kids. All the safety features that it should have are not working. They told me it would be weeks before they even look at the vehicle.

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CategoryPower TrainDateJun 22, 2022StateCODescription

My vehicle is throwing alerts about a power train malfunction. It reduces speeds by it self attempts to loose all power when having issues and the transmission feels like it is slipping or not shifting into gear. This has now happened on multiple occasions.

CategoryPower Train:automatic TransmissionDateJun 21, 2022StateIADescription

The contact owns a 2021 ford explorer. The contact stated that after his wife set the vehicle to "park" while the engine was running, as she exited, the vehicle lurched forward and crashed into the garage back wall. There was no damage to the vehicle, however, there was damage to the garage back wall. The contact stated his wife saw no warning lights were illuminated. The contact's wife got back into the vehicle and observed that the gear shift lever was still in "park" and she shut the vehicle off. The contact had not taken the vehicle to a local dealer, or an independent mechanic. The vehicle had not been diagnosed or repaired. The manufacturer had not been informed of the failure. The failure mileage was approximately 10,000.

CategoryEngine, Power TrainDateJun 17, 2022StateILDescription

While driving vehicle, reduced engine power occurred resulting in the vehicle being unable to safely maintain highway speeds. Once safely on side of roadway, vehicle lost all engine power and would start. Vehicle had 11,049 miles on it and had been properly maintained. Attempts to start vehicle were unsuccessfully and engine sounded like internal components had failed (like a bag of rocks inside the engine). Vehicle was towed to ford dealer in east peoria, illinois for examination and repairs. Excessive metal shavings were found in the oil filter and it was discovered internal engine components had failed, causing catastrophic engine failure. Engine block was replaced. Dealer was provided all previous maintenance records to show that the vehicle was properly maintained.

CategoryPower TrainDateJun 17, 2022StateVADescription

Feedback on manufacturer recall number 22s27, nhtsa recall 22v255 allowing ford to reprogram the powertrain control unit (ecu) on this vehicle so that the vehicle applies the emergency brake whenever the vehicle is placed in park in order to prevent the vehicle from rolling away if/when this one bolt breaks on the rear differential is not sufficient. The 2020 my ford explorer st/plantium models have two bolts attaching the rear differential to the rear subframe. The equivalent 2020-2022 lincoln aviator also has two bolts on this part. The issue is that ford ran out of the correct rear subframe parts and substituted a part for a lower powered powertrain, or this was a cost cutting measure gone bad. Cross referencing ford's own parts numbers with the vin shows the incorrect rear subframe installed at the factory. Nhtsa should require ford to properly and securely attach the rear differential to the rear subframe of the vehicle to prevent this issue. Allowing a workaround, use of parking brake to prevent rollaway, is not ok. Additionally, the equivalent police interceptor is obtaining the correct rear subframe as part of the manufacture defect resolution. Why wouldn't the others receive the same fix?

CategoryPower TrainDateJun 17, 2022StateMADescription

The contact owns a 2021 ford explorer. The contact stated that while the transmission was either in park(p) or drive(d), the vehicle independently rolled away without warning. The contact stated that he forcefully depressed the brake pedal in an effort to stop the vehicle. The manufacturer was notified of the failure and transferred him to the nhtsa. Upon investigation, the contact discovered nhtsa campaign number: 22v255000 (power train) which he linked to the failure. The vehicle was not diagnosed or repaired. The failure mileage was approximately 10,000.

CategoryAir Bags, Forward Collision Avoidance, Vehicle Speed Control:cruise ControlDateJun 15, 2022StateWADescription

The contact owns a 2021 ford explorer. The contact stated the adaptive cruise control and the collision avoidance systems would malfunction. The vehicle would suddenly deactivate the cruise control and the collision avoidance would detect a non-existing object and stop the vehicle from also turning to avoid the crash. The contact stated that while idled at a stop light when the vehicle suddenly accelerated rear-ending the vehicle in front. The air bags did not deploy however the acceleration did not reach high enough speeds for such a response. A police report was not filed. The vehicle was not towed. There were no injuries or medical attention needed. The contact took the vehicle to the dealer however the vehicle was not diagnosed or repaired. The manufacturer was made aware of the failures. The approximate failure mileage was 10,000.

CategoryUnknown Or OtherDateJun 15, 2022StateALDescription

Ford sold a non sale vehicle to me on 11/05/2021 after ford critical review team on 8/9/2021 deemed wrong rear axle bolts being put on. Essentially, putting a no transit order on vehicle. I was made aware on this recall only after I updated my app on may 10th,2022. Read on app about the no remedy recall stating 2022-4-14. I have spoken with ford corporate as the service manager stated for me to do via phone. Ford's buyback department will not consider it. The buyback team is waiting on a recall remedy as of today. I do not feel safe in my vehicle, and have opened a claim with the bbb. I am only requesting ford to either do a buyback or swap out vehicle for one year newer. No communication with dealership about the problems both now and immediately after purchase of 2021 ford explorer st.

CategoryElectrical System, Fuel/propulsion System, Unknown Or OtherDateJun 10, 2022StateCODescription

In the last 2 months I have had a total of 3 back up cameras and the equipment is still turning blue on random. I have had the wiring replaced to “fix” the bluetooth echo, and it is still doing it. The gas take also shakes enough to move the car when you come to a stop depending on amount of gas in the tank.

CategoryService Brakes, Unknown Or OtherDateJun 04, 2022StateWVDescription

While in a driveway at a decline (approximately 5% grade), I placed the vehicle in park and set the emergency brake; when I decompressed the brake to turn the vehicle off it took off sliding down the street. A coworker was with me and was about to get out at the time as well. Fortunately I was able to gain control before I hit the mailbox in front of us and no one or thing was injured this was the second time this happened; however, the first time the emergency brake was not set. Also, starting at 23k miles, I am repeatedly getting a "auto hold system fault" error every few days. This occurs sometimes at startup and sometimes while driving and the auto hold will not work when it comes up. However, if I stop and restart the vehicle, it will go away and work. I am not sure these are related.

CategoryElectrical SystemDateMay 23, 2022StateWYDescription

The contact owns a 2021 ford explorer. The contact stated that after she had parked her vehicle and retrieved items out of the liftgate compartment; the vehicle began to roll back independently towards her. A witness alerted her that the vehicle was rolling towards her; the contact moved out of the way. She then opened her driver-side door as the vehicle proceeded to roll back; the contact was pinned in between the concrete post and the driver-side door as the vehicle eventually stopped. Witnesses assisted her and aided her away from the vehicle which bruised her left arm. The contact did not seek medical attention for the injury. The contact called the dealer and they offered no assistance. The contact then had the vehicle towed to a different dealer lithia ford idaho falls(980 w broadway st, idaho falls, id 83402) where the driver-side door was replaced. The manufacturer was also notified of the failure and she was given a case number. The cement post was damaged as a result of the failure. The police were called after the failure and a report was filed. The vehicle was repaired; however, the cause of the failure had yet to be determined. The failure mileage was approximately 4,500.

CategoryPower Train:automatic Transmission:internal:gearsDateMay 23, 2022StateOHDescription

The contact owns a 2021 ford explorer. The contact stated while parking the vehicle on an incline, the transmission inadvertently shifted out of park(p). The contact stated no warning light was illuminated. The contact took the vehicle to the local dealer however, the mechanic was unable to duplicate the failure. The contact stated the failure occurred whenever the parking brake was not activated while parking the vehicle. The manufacturer had been informed of the failure. The failure mileage was approximately 50.

CategoryPower TrainDateMay 17, 2022StateSCDescription

Ford safety recall 22s27 dated april 19, 2022 does affect my car and I just called ford corporate and they do not confirm that my car should be on the recall list. I have visually inspected my car and I do have the improper 1 bolt, rather than 2 bolt design installed on my car. If the bolt breaks, my car will be disabled wherever this happens without warning. This can cause an accident and I do not understand how ford is not at least including me on the recall list. The only way to fix this issue is to replace the axle structure with the 2 bolt design.

CategoryElectrical System, Seats, Seats:mid/rear AssemblyDateMay 13, 2022StateSCDescription

I am having major issues with the 3rd row seating on my ford explorer getting stuck and not able to be moved. This is happening causing children to not have places to sit and seatbelts to secure themselves in for a safe commute. Each time the seats are stuck, they are not even able to be moved manually. The entire seat including the head rest becomes immobile and leaves the seat in either a half open/closed position or an open position with no headrest capability. While traveling out of town on january 23 with 6 people in my vehicle my 3rd row seats became stuck in positions where I was unable to safely transport 2 of the occupants of the car. I also had to travel home in an extremely unsafe situation where luggage had to remain in laps for a 4 hour car ride and could have been catastrophic had there been an accident. I reached out to the service department of palmetto ford on january 24th about this issue and they told me it would be 3 to 4 weeks until they could get my vehicle in to “look at it.” I reached out to my sales person who was able to coordinate with the service manager to get my vehicle looked at the next day. They did not have a loner for me to drive so they rented one from enterprise and had me come back the next day to pick it up and began to repair my car. It took them about 2 days and they said they had to completely replace the computer brain of the 3rd row seating. When I left it was in working order. Two months later while once again out of town with 4 other people's children to care for my 3rd row seating gets stuck again in an unusable position. This time I had no other alternative but to put these kids in seats together seatbelted in and pray that I did not get hit. When I got home on march 29th I called palmetto ford sales to let them know that my seats are once again broken and spoke to the sales manager jake. I told him that I felt unsafe in the vehicle now and that I would like them to take it back. I told him I had more travel

CategoryBack Over Prevention: Sensing System: CameraDateMay 01, 2022StateCODescription

I had the backup camera parts replaced 4/15/2022 and within 10 days of having the vehicle back the backup camera was turning blue again.

CategoryUnknown Or OtherDateApr 30, 2022StateGADescription

The auto rear trunk hands free lift gate likes to start closing on its own when you are moving around under it. For instance and could hit you in the head. It has before. Other manufacturers use a similar system and I've never had this happen. It's to sensitive to movement

CategoryBack Over Prevention: Sensing System: CameraDateApr 14, 2022StateWIDescription

(1)while reversing into the garage, the rear facing camera system turned blue and disabled the reverse braking system. (2) several instances: while reversing, the reverse braking system disables randomly.

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CategoryUnknown Or OtherDateApr 10, 2022StateMIDescription

I left a facility friday evening, pulling out of the plaza I was second from front at a red. When the light turned green the car in front of me started going, I started going. I had to give it gas as mph on the road I was on is 45mph. As I am accelerating through the light the car just would not accelerate. The traffic behind me was coming up fast! I was panicked. The car in front of me turned into a gas station which gave me the additional 5 seconds for my vehicle to come back on. I never lost power inside the vehicle. It was almost as if I was running out of gas. I had gotten gas 2 days before and filled the tank. I actually called the gas station and they have not had anyone inquire so I don't think it's gas. It was very scary and had I had my children in the vehicle I'm not sure I would or honestly probably will not drive with them in this vehicle anymore.

CategoryBack Over Prevention: Sensing System: Camera, Fuel System, Gasoline:storage:auxillary TankDateApr 08, 2022StateCODescription

Since purchasing this vehicle I have off and on experienced my bluetooth echoing for the party on the other end of the line. I have also experienced my gas tank shaking my entire car upon stopping depending how much gas is in the tank, usually full to 3/4 full. I have also experienced on multiple occasions my back up camera turning blue. There was a trend going for a while if it was hot outside it would turn blue all the time. However, over the winter months it periodically started changing blue. More recently, when I put my car into reverse it will take a few seconds to switch gears. I also experienced my front driverside window not going up. I had to turn the car off and back on again in order for it to go back up. Altogether, I have had multiple issues with my brand new car since the day of purchase. I immediately took the vehicle back in for the gas tank shaking and their response was because I was not used to driving a "smaller" car. I however find that extremely unsafe in the event I were to break too hard, I feel that my gas tank would come disassembled.

CategoryElectrical System, EngineDateMar 31, 2022StateCADescription

Got it in the car and pushed the push start button. The cars engine turned over only half way and started to restart and turn over multiple times even though the motor was running halfway. This went on for 15 minutes until I opened up the hood and looked down and after a couple minutes the engine seized and turned off and started smoking, shortly after started on fire from the bottom of the engine. The fire went on for 10 minutes until we turned it off.

CategoryPower Train:automatic TransmissionDateMar 21, 2022StateTXDescription

Approximately 1. 5 months ago, my ford explorer started having issues with shifting frm drive to reverse or reverse to drive, stopped to reverse and stop to drive. I had my oil changed and there were 2 updates to the transmission that were done. The problem persists. When going through a car wash in which you put the car in neutral and ride through as it washes, I placed the car in neutral and almost hit the vehicle in front of me due to it taking 3-4 seconds to shift from drive to neutral.

CategoryStructure:bodyDateMar 18, 2022StateVADescription

I'm writing to you to relay a serious safety issue that started with the 2021 explorer st manufacturing processes. When ford designed the new explorer st, the rear subframe was engineered to allow the rear differential to be attached with four bolts (attachment-a). This was needed to properly secure the differential in light of the st motor putting out more horsepower than their other models. My 2020 explorer st had the correct subframe with two bolts (attachment-b.) at some point during the manufacturing of the 2021 st models, ford started using base-model explorer rear subframes that contained a single bolt (attachment-c) on the rear portion of the subframe. This was likely done due to the global shortage of parts and materials that most automotive manufacturers encountered. The results were predictable, and many users in explorer discussion groups have reported the single-bolt shearing off, dropping the differential and damaging the rear suspension components and exhaust (attachment-d & e.) this is a glaring safety issue, especially with a performance car, as a failure at speed could result in loss of control of the vehicle. To date, ford has not responded to my inquiries requesting more information and a resolution. They did recently release a special service message acknowledging that this is an issue (attachment-f.) the thread below on explorerst. Org outlines the problem in detail. There are dozens of people there and in the explorer st groups on facebook that have encountered this problem, with varying levels of successful resolution and attention from ford. I'm happy to provide additional links to conversations about this, if needed. Https://www. Explorerst. Org/threads/rear-end-damage. 2602/ I represent a growing group of st owners who would like ford to issue a recall, and repair their vehicles before a failure occurs.

CategoryForward Collision Avoidance: Automatic Emergency SteeringDateMar 09, 2022StateCADescription

The contact leases a 2021 ford explorer. The contact stated while his wife was driving at 25 mph with co-pilot 360 assist mode and the evasive steering assist engaged, she lost control of the steering wheel. The contact stated that his wife could not feel the connection between the steering wheel and the front tires of the vehicle. The contact stated that the vehicle made a sharp right turn and crashed into a telephone pole. There were no warning lights illuminated. The air bags deployed. The contact 's wife sustained bruises and lesions on the ankle, knee cap, arms and on her left breast but did not seek medical assistance. A police report was filed. The vehicle was towed to a tow lot. The vehicle was then towed to another tow lot where it was totaled. The dealer was not notified of the failure. The manufacturer was notified of the failure and informed the contact that they could not assist. The failure mileage was approximately 12,000.

CategoryPower TrainDateMar 02, 2022StateMSDescription

The contact owns a 2021 ford explorer. The contact stated while driving at 50 mph, the vehicle started to hesitate as if the transmission was slipping. There were no warning lights illuminated. The contact drove the vehicle to an unknown dealer where it was diagnosed that no issues were found. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The failure mileage was approximately 11,100.

CategoryForward Collision Avoidance: WarningsDateFeb 28, 2022StateMSDescription

Audio control module failed on 2/17/22. No audio for forward collision warning, rear cross traffic warning, and reverse sensors. Dealer replace acm, which fixed the issues on 2/22/22. However on 2/27/22, the speakers started making a popping crackling noise and front speakers went out. Then a few minutes later, no audio for about 15 minutes, but the popping noise still continued. After no audio for about 15 minutes the driver side speakers started to work, but the popping noise continued. Vehicle will be going back to the dealership.

CategoryPower TrainDateFeb 03, 2022StateFLDescription

The contact owns a 2021 ford explorer. The contact stated that while driving at various speeds, the transmission would suddenly downshift or upshift erroneously. Additionally, while operating the vehicle a grinding sound was present while the transmission was shifted into drive with a chemical odor inside the cabin of the vehicle. The cause of the failure was not yet determined. The local dealer and manufacturer were notified of the failure. The failure mileage was 7,500.

CategoryElectrical SystemDateFeb 01, 2022StateWADescription

The contact owned a 2021 ford explorer which was used to haul a 2002 opus op. The contact stated that while the vehicle was at the rv dealer for installations to be performed the vehicle caught on fire and was destroyed. The contact was informed after the installation of an electronic brake controller was completed the vehicle was parked and approximately 20 minutes later flames were present coming from the engine compartment. The fire department was called to the scene and extinguished the flames. The vehicle was destroyed. Prior to the incident an electric brake controller was installed in the vehicle and wired dc to dc in order to send a charge to the tow vehicle. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure and a case was opened. The fire department indicated that the fire originated in the engine compartment. A fire report was taken at the scene. The failure mileage was 3,807.

CategoryUnknown Or OtherDateFeb 01, 2022StateCADescription

Upon starting the vehicle, after it had been parked for about 30 min, I received an error message stop safely now and the vehicle would not start. We attempted to jump start the battery with another vehicle, tested the voltage and it showed full at 12v, and then had a roadside service attempt to jump the vehicle. The accessory power (radio/lights/power windows) work. This has never happened before and the car had no indication of any issues, alerts or messages prior to this.

CategoryEngineDateJan 13, 2022StatePADescription

A police officer complained of a strong odor of exhaust coming through the hvac vents. Officer complained of a light dizziness feeling. Suv was grounded from service. Complaint was verified. Upon opening of the hood a odor of exhaust gas was smelled on the right side of the motor. No visible leaks could be heard or seen. Suv was driven to our local ford dealer for repair.

CategoryUnknown Or OtherDateJan 11, 2022StateTXDescription

I took possession of a ford explorer approximately october 12, 2021. Two weeks later on october 20, 2021, I took the car to a carwash and after paying with a credit card, the barrier went up and as I was putting my card back into my wallet, and my foot not on the accelerator, the car took off on its' own to approximately 20 to 25 mph, so I applied the brakes and the pedal went to the floor with no braking. I applied the brakes continually, as the car jumped a curb traveled through a meadow went through a fence and crashed into a tree. I had the car towed to the dealer so they could analyze what went wrong and they said they couldn't find anything wrong, but they couldn't say as to why the explorer spontaneously accelerated without brakes. The carwash had a video surveillance system and the video clearly shows the car accelerating, jumping the curb and eventually going into the forest to hit a tree. It is a blessing that I was in a remote area with no people around as the only control I had for the vehicle was steering and had there been people around someone would have been injured or killed. I contacted the texas dmv lemon law department and they couldn't help because I hadn't tried to get the malfunction repaired more than three times. They did recommend I contact the nhtsa as safety of this vehicle and possibly others of the type represent a major safety hazard. Is there anything the nhtsa can do to look into this case and first see that this malfunction is fixed on future products and second see that I can be treated fairly by the dealer and ford motor company? The car has been declared a total loss, as it would cost too much to repair. It is in a aaa insurance lot.

CategoryAir BagsDateDec 20, 2021StateTXDescription

The contact owns a 2021 ford explorer. The contact stated that he was driving approximately at 55 mph when a deer jumped out in front of his vehicle. As a result, the contact crashed into the deer and the air bags did deploy, however when it did it was very aggressive. The contact stated that he and his wife were both sustained multiple injuries caused by the airbags. The contact stated the passenger suffered injuries to both her eyes causing blindness and isn't certain if it would be permeant. The contact stated that he sustained injuries to his wrist, neck, and leg. The contact stated the ambulance was called and took them to the hospital where they received treatment. The contact stated the vehicle was towed to a junkyard service, and from there towed to the dealer where it remains currently. The contact was advised that his vehicle may be totaled and that he should await further details. The failure mileage was 3,000.

CategoryPower Train, Vehicle Speed ControlDateDec 14, 2021StateNYDescription

The contact leased a 2021 ford explorer. The contact stated while driving approximately 25 mph, the vehicle accelerated independently. The contact stated that five minutes later the vehicle went into safety mode and the vehicle failed to move. The low battery message was displayed. The vehicle was towed to the residence. The contact called the local dealer but, the vehicle was not diagnosed or repaired. The manufacturer was not contacted. The failure mileage was approximately 7,600.

CategorySeatsDateDec 14, 2021StateWADescription

The vehicle was involved in a rear-end collision. When the collision occurred, both front seats dropped into a fully reclined position and locked fully reclined.

(Video) New Ford Explorer 2013 Transmission Sounds Poor Customer Service Car Problem Lemon Rant SHARE PLEASE

CategoryAir BagsDateDec 13, 2021StateOHDescription

On 11/25/2021, I started the vehicle and drove about 2 miles when I noticed that the airbag light was illuminated on the dash. Knowing that this is a safety concern, I pulled into a parking lot and shut off the vehicle. I let the vehicle sit for about 30 seconds and restarted the car. When restarted, the light did not come back on. Took the vehicle in to have a recall performed and told the service advisor that the light had come on. They confirmed that there was a "stored code" but "not something that made sense". The dealership has had the vehicle for 9 days with no resolution. They say that a wiring pigtail harness needs replaced but also that there is a fault in the driver's seat airbag. The replacement airbag is not available due to a backorder (told 3-4 weeks). I feel that this is a large safety concern as I was told I could pick up the vehicle until the parts become available knowing that there is a fault in the airbag. The failure occurred with 3410 miles on the odometer.

CategoryStructure:body, WheelsDateDec 09, 2021StateCADescription

On october 25, 2021; my wife and I were driving across country when we experienced a blow-out at 75 mph in new mexico (about 80 miles west of amarillo. The blow-out was caused by body cladding, which came off the right rear door of our 2021 ford explorer - apparently attributable to 19+ mph desert cross winds at highway speeds of 75 mph. The trim lodged in the right rear wheel well; slicing the tire and cutting a gash from the aluminum rim. We had to get to california for a scheduled closing on our new home and were therefore unable to stay in amarillo or albuquerque for the three days required to receive a matching rim and tire, so I had a nearby tire store install a wheel of a different size with an offsetting tire size to approximate the circumference of the stock wheels and tires. Ford has thus far neglected to acknowledge the obvious defect that would allow a body part to blow off the car and has offered no assistance in repairing the car or reimbursing me for the wheel and tire I had to purchase to meet personal legal obligations. I've seen evidence in online forums indicating other incidents of body trim blowing off ford explorers at highway speeds. Ford must take responsibility for this defect and reimburse other owners and me for costs incurred to resolve implications of their defective body parts.

CategoryUnknown Or OtherDateNov 23, 2021StateNYDescription

There is no way to securely lock the vehicle when someone with the key fob is near it. When fueling, someone can unlock the opposite side of the car, by pulling on the door handle, which unlocks it, enter and drive away. Not only does this open the possibility of easily stealing the car, but also abducting passengers, if any have the fob on them, or simply stealing contents, planting contents, etc. This is a serious security issue

CategoryUnknown Or OtherDateNov 12, 2021StateTXDescription

When vehicle is up to temperature, there is an overpowering burning smell coming through the vents into the cab. It only occurs at idle and dissipates when the vehicle is in motion. With the hood open, there is some small noticeable amount of smoke coming from the left side of the engine compartment. The smell is not plastic or rubber.

CategoryService Brakes, HydraulicDateOct 30, 2021StateFLDescription

Vibration: first use of the day, at about 35 mph vehicle exhibits vibration throughout, especially around 40-41mph. Felt in steering wheel, seat, and with a loud rumble often heard. Has been since car was new. Has a vibration in rear view mirror at highway speeds. Goes away after driving for 15 miles or so, and at least a half hour. Returns after vehicle cools off. Cruise control: adaptive cruise sometimes causes extreme braking at highway speeds for no reason. This happened while driving past a vehicle on alligator alley causing all my passengers to comment, even though I had not touched the brake. Happened again 10/28 on 75 coming down from sarasota. Braking: abs engages on dry roads, especially when turning, for example into a driveway, but it cold be just a normal stop for a traffic light. The brakes also “grab” when coming to final stop, causing the car to stop suddenly

CategoryBack Over PreventionDateOct 21, 2021StateMADescription

I had the safety recall 21v735000 performed on october 12, 2021. Within 2 days the same problem of rear-view backup camera blue screen recurred, just as it did before the recall. The problem happens in about 1/3 of trips. Once the blue screen occurs, it doesn't go away until powering off the vehicle, waiting a few minutes, and then upon powering the vehicle on the rear backup camera might work again for a while, but will usually break again the same day.

CategoryBack Over Prevention: Rearview System BrakingDateSep 09, 2021StateFLDescription

When putting the car in reverse it jerks back if the pedal is touched which has almost caused an accident. It takes about a minute or two to adjust backing up and the rear camera does not show until the clutch has adjusted.

CategoryElectrical System, SeatsDateAug 16, 2021StateGADescription

Third row seat won't go up or down (it is an electrical seat for folding flat or to lift back up for seating). On aug 12, 2021 took it to ford dealership near me for any appointment to have fixed. In morning of friday 13th dealership said still hadn't figured out the problem. By afternoon of 13th august dealership said it is either module or buttons issue and said they needed keep it over weekend. Dealership said they d call me by noon on monday 16th august to let me know. Well, since I hadn't heard from then I called them again (as I have been doing since they dont seem to communicate with customers). Callie of service dept said its the buttons/switches. That must order them; closest place had them is tennessee she said. We are concerned for we had these exact issues with 2015 explorer; started with 3rd row seat then all other electrical issues started happening. That explorer suv was in shop for several months.

CategoryUnknown Or OtherDateAug 16, 2021StateVADescription

Constant shuddering between 30-45mph. Local dealer fobs it off as typical, I've driven other 2020 and 2021 explorers, none have exhibited similar symptoms. Dealer refuses to repair, ford corporate will not investigate. Has already had one rear axle replaced under warranty, not waiting another 3 weeks for parts when this one breaks again.

CategoryForward Collision Avoidance: Adaptive Cruise Control, Vehicle Speed ControlDateAug 04, 2021StateOHDescription

Adaptive cruise control reads the overhead electronic posted 65mph speed limit signs as 85mph. This only occurs when traveling on I-670 eastbound between leonard ave and I-270 on the east side of columbus ohio... This section of highway was recently upgraded with "smart lane" overhead electronic signs. The dash on this vehicle shows the posted speed limit at all times, but if the cruise control is on the vehicle with automatically go to what it reads and in this case goes to 85mph! I have driven this vehicle over 5000 miles in 4 different states and this situation only occurs at this particular locatiion. I have contacted state of ohio, department of trtansportation and discussing this issue with drive ohio representative luke stedke ( luke. Stedke@drive. Ohio. Gov)

CategoryPower TrainDateJun 30, 2021StateINDescription

The transmission in the ford explorer failed on june 28th. This was noticed by observing the vehicle struggle to shift gears, and sometimes failing to shift at all resulting in extremely high rpms. It also resulted in rough transitions from park to drive, combined with lurching forward suddenly. The vehicle is currently awaiting service at the ford dealership, which was originally scheduled for june 29th. Upon notification to the dealership (where vehicle was purchased) of a transmission issue, the dealership moved the appointment to july 6th, thus encouraging me to drive a dangerous vehicle until then. During the next couple of days, the car intermittently exhibited both check engine and service lights, but neither consistently. It also produced another alert which automatically put the car into park from drive. Once the car turned off and back on, the alert did not repeat. The car was then taken to a separate dealership where it was diagnosed with a defective transmission due to an engine coolant leak. The dealership did not provide any means of transportation in response despite the vehicle being under warranty.

CategorySteering:linkages:tie Rod Assembly, TiresDateJun 24, 2021StateINDescription

The front tires chewed to pieces, one blew, and the dealer initially felt it was an alignment issue from the factory. Up one further inspection, they found an aluminum toe rod with a 45 degree bend. I believe this was a factory issue as we hit nothing on the highway. It seems from an fmea point of view, it is likely the blown tire and momentum of the car bent the tie rod and that the tire damage was caused by a part failure or some other issue with the car. It is a 3 month old car with 9,400 miles. The car struck nothing on the highway.

CategoryPower TrainDateMay 07, 2021StateCADescription

I noticed transmission fluid on the garage floor. March 27,2021. Dropped the car of at the dealership where I bought the car. 2021 ford explorer st with 2120 miles I purchased on january 30, 2021. Problem was diagnosed as leaks at the transfer case seals on the transmission output drive train. The boots were leaking transmission fluid. The transfer case needed to be removed and the seals replaced. This resulted in waiting 6 weeks for the parts to be delivered and 1 week more to repair and install. Today I still do not have my car back. Week 7 will be next week when completion is estimated to be .

CategoryElectrical System, Forward Collision Avoidance: Warnings, Power TrainDateMay 01, 2021StateNYDescription

I purchased a ford explorer st 2021 in new york from city world ford on boston rd in the bronx on april 22, 2021 at approximately 9:37pm. I took my car home the same same day. The following day (second day) I started experiencing a pre-collision assist not available and powertrain malfunction/reduced power light on my dashboard at 12:49 pm. The car began to jerk and felt like it was on awd mode. The gas pedal was heavy and difficult to drive while I was on the highway with my children. I started to smell fire coming from the inside of my car. Once I started experiencing those problems from my car I immediately parked the car. I immediately called the dealership didn't get an answer so I drove to them personally after I let it cool down for a couple of hours. I explained the problem I experienced with the car to them. The dealership stated to me to take it to the repair shop the monday and I did. The next day (tuesday) I picked up the car from repair service center. The next day I started experiencing the same problems with the ford. I went back to the dealership on wednesday (next day) and stated I wanted a new car or exchange for a different car. Manager stated I had to take the car for second time for repair. I then took the car for the second time for repair on wednesday. The car is currently still in the repair service center and still displaying malfunctions after being repaired in the repair service center. I have not yet received my car back and repair center stated they are not sure when will the problem will be fixed and working properly.

CategorySteering, Suspension, WheelsDateMar 20, 2021StateMTDescription

The wheel wells of the vehicle collect large amounts of snow and ice. This build up constricts the wheels of the vehicle contacting the tires restricting rotation and steering. This is an extremely dangerous potentially deadly situation. We have contacted ford motor company and the dealership. No remedy to this situation has been offered. Please investigate and any assistance is appreciated. I believe this is a wide spread problem ford is unwilling to deal with. This condition occurs in cold weather and snowy icy conditions. The build up hazard happens even driving short highway distances.


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